Unsupported Export Fields

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Unsupported Export Fields

Postby mbsteed » Fri Oct 12, 2007 10:06 am

I notice that in MLS there is a new field called "setapart" but it is not being exported. The sustaining field is being exported but the new field is not. Could we get that one included? Actually a review of all the fields not being exported would be useful. I know the last time I raised this I was told some of the fields could not be exported because of confidentiality issues but that doesn't make sense to me given the information that is being exported.

I use the exported information in the Bishop's Companion Database and when crucial information is not exported from MLS, it just has to be reentered again manually - which is redundant work - the clerk enters it in MLS and Bishop then has to turn around and enter again in the Companion Database.


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