Preparing for the Calendar 2.0 Release

Discussions about the Calendar Tool at Questions about the calendar on the classic site should be posted in the LUWS forum.
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Post by bjcoleman »

I would also love to help test usability. Exec Sec in Spokane, WA.
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Post by unbobfinch »

If it's not too late... I would like to participate as well.
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Post by RandyH »

Please sign me up. I am a Ward Clerk.
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Post by kcmcbride »

I am interested to help. Bishopric member and building admin, San Diego CA
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Post by mjanderson12 »

please sign me up. YM pres in Lakeville MN.
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Post by ericmather »

Please sign me up. I'm a default admin (Assistant Stake Clerk) in Colorado.
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Post by davepeterson »

Definitely want to participate if it is not too late. I am stake executive secretary. Thanks!
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Post by joshua_campbell »

I noticed your September 9th call for more help. Please add me to the 2.0 Test iniative. Ward Clerk/Utah
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Post by wewhitham »

I am interested in participating. Stake Executive Secretary North East U.S.
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Post by josephcreed »

Please count me in. Ward Clerk

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