lds clerk rescources for lds maps and directory!

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lds clerk rescources for lds maps and directory!

Postby cori8585 » Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:31 pm

I love what you have done with google earth! I live on the navajo indian reservation and everyoned that serves hear as an older couple has asked me for maps with members on it! It has been along time coming! None of the members are on our map i am in the proccess of putting them on the map by picking the brains of past leadership! we mostly have po boxes on the reservation! I am the first councelor as well as executive secretary as well as clerk! I am very intrested in fulfilling the mapping out of all the member on the new lds maps!
The problem or suggestion I have is the accessibility of the directory and the maps by others that serve within our organisations! Mostly missionaries and elderly couples that rotate through this erea! Many of them need a map with the members names on it so they can work this erea! The program is perfect for it! But when missionaries come here there records are left in there old wards and they do not have access to our directories through there lds accounts on! Neither do the younger elders! There should be a way that people serving in the erea can access the directory so they can have access to this wonderful tool.
2. what would be nice is to have it link to organisational charts so you could hand an auxillary leader a print out of the young womens that live in the ward and it would pull a seperate map with that organisation and where they live! may be it could be interactive and where it would filter the different organisations and list there household on the maps!
I would be happy if the missionaries could just get access to it from there lds acount for now! as I map out the ward and do this project I will be more detailed in its approach! I am glad it is there because it takes three years to learn and erea and it with tool it will cut that time into weeks! Very impressed in what I am working with right now!

cori johnson kayenta first ward navajo indaian reservation arizona! first councelor in bishopric!

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