BlackBerry and the Gospel Library

Discussions around the BlackBerry version of the Gospel Library application.
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Post by BrumfieldAD »

We are hoping to have updated content for Blackberry available soon. When it is available I will add a link on the wiki page I referenced in my previous post.

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Can only get scriptures, no other content


Post by WelcomeS »

Even after following these instructions, and like others, have reinstalled several times, but the only content I can find and open in Gospel Library is scriptures. I can see the other files on my Blackberry Torch in Explorer, but Gospel Library doesn't show them nor open them.

BrumfieldAD wrote:I have recently wrote some instructions on installing the application and content manually.

I will be looking into ways to make this service more reliable in the near future, but this should get the application and content installed for you in the meantime.

Please let me know of any additional issues you find.

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Post by danmcf »

I have a BB 9850 and cannot even run the app...
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Post by MikeStucki »

Blackberry Bold 9650 - OS
I downloaded the app from app world, but after install and reboot the app still does nothing.
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Cannot get the manual loading process to work either


Post by climberboy »

I have a Blackberry Torch 9850 and tried to use the manual process. It's all there, but when I click on the Gospel Library icon it just locks up. Anyone else have any luck?
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Post by digbads »

New Version is available from

It should fix the issue of some phones not being to download data.
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Re: BlackBerry and the Gospel Library


Post by dehurt »

The URL shortcut is broken. Please update it.
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Re: BlackBerry and the Gospel Library


Post by aebrown »

dehurt wrote:The URL shortcut is broken. Please update it.
These old shortcuts pointed to beta and other development builds which were made available in temporary locations during the development phase. But sometime after the production version became available on AppWorld, these temporary locations were discontinued. You wouldn't want those old pre-release versions even if they were accessible.

For the production version, see the topic Gospel Library Now Available on AppWorld.

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