When will LDS Tools for Web OS be "ready for prime time"

Discussions around the WebOS (Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, HP Touchpad) versions of the LDS Tools application.
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When will LDS Tools for Web OS be "ready for prime time"


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I noticed that there was another thread asking about when LDSTools would be ready. Sorry for the duplicate entry. So maybe I should change this thread to "download problems" or something similar. As indicated below, the error seems to be erratic in that sometimes it happens on the first ward, other times it happens on the 6th ward. Is that because it really has not been officially released?

As I was browsing the App Catalog for my Palm Pre Plus, I saw LDSTools and was so exicited.:) However, when I try to set it up, I keep getting the error message: "FAILURE downloading ward: Cannot read property 'callings' of null." This happens at varous times in loading ward data.:confused:

I went to the Mobile Appplications page and saw that LDSTools was not listed on the WebOS page. Thus, I assume that it is not ready for distribution yet, but somehow got into the App Catalog by mistake.

So my question is do we have an ETA for LDSTools for Web OS?

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It is "released" and many people are using it, but it's obviously not perfect. I think there are multiple issues that can potentially occur during the download/processing of data, including a problem with the church servers that provide the data or that handle logins, a problem with the Internet connection on the device, or inconsistencies with the data itself that the application doesn't know how to deal with. One recent known issue involves processing of households that for some reason have no head of household defined in the data. There is a pending update (1.0.2) to correct the application's behvior when it encounters no head of household but that update is not yet in the HP App Catalog. In the meantime if you are already familiar with the process of installing a .ipk file on your device (using Preware or similar) you could try downloading the updated version from Eldon Lewis' website and installing manually to see if it helps in your situation:
Other than that, it might be a matter of trying the data download a few more times, perhaps at different times of day or night and when you have the best signal/Internet connection. If it still fails consistently, refer to the support page here:
There is a support email address and a google group url (but of course keep in mind that with a volunteer project, support isn't always immediate).

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