Viewing Requested Records

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Viewing Requested Records


Post by jeffery3030 »

Newly called clerk here, and I have a question. Is there a way to view records that you have requested through MLS that have not arrived yet? For instance, if they Bishop asks about a record that I believe I requested, is there anywhere that I can look to ensure that I indeed did make the request for the record? Thank you.
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Post by aebrown »

The Membership Transaction Report that prints at the end of the Send/Receive session should include information about records and updates received, as well as requests sent.
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Post by johnshaw »

You might also check your messages... if a record did not process for some reason, you will receive a message indicating the issue.
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Post by jonesrk »

If you get a good match the new records will come down within a couple of hours. Last week I requested some records just after Sacrament Meeting and when I checked after church they were there. Also if you aren't still at church, you can check on in the directory or clerk resources the next day and see the records even if they haven't been downloaded to MLS.
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