How I think the ward websites/Mls can improve.

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Post by willisbp-p40 »

I would appreciate the ability to own my own information.

Why not let people manage there own data, including photos? By opting in, entering, and controlling their personal data they choose what they want public. Take some load off the clerks.

With increased freedom we would have to give users means in which to report abuse such as inappropriate images etc. I would be not be surprised if abuses were extremely rare.

Every picture that gets posted on the Ward bulletin board doesn't have to be approved by the Bishopric, why does every image posted on the website have to be?

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Post by thedqs »

mtolman wrote:Updating stats via the internet should be feasible now. The Stake Presidents and Clerks now have the ability to log into a website and update Temple Recommends from Home/office. Surely that is more confidential than HT/VT.

Updating what stats? HT/VT? And are you saying that Stake Presidents now can do the recommends online from anywhere?
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Post by russellhltn »

thedqs wrote:are you saying that Stake Presidents now can do the recommends online from anywhere?
I know they can turn them off from anywhere. I'm not sure as they can activate them. The normal mode of activation is though the stake MLS.
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Post by hpaulsen »

Yes, anyone in the stake presidency can activate recommends online, including executive secretaries and clerks - though assistant clerks are not recommended to have access. I (stake clerk) haven't tried it myself, but the first counselor does regularly.
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TES is Great!!


Post by jeromer7 »

HPaulsen wrote:Yes, anyone in the stake presidency can activate recommends online, including executive secretaries and clerks - though assistant clerks are not recommended to have access. I (stake clerk) haven't tried it myself, but the first counselor does regularly.

The requested turn-around from presidency interview to activation is 24-hours. While I live only 15 minutes from the stake center, many others are much further removed, thus making MLS-only activation troublesome. The Temple Entry System is very handy! A stake clerk in a neighboring stake says the president and counselors activate through TES. In my stake, when the presidency completes an interview and we won't be meeting within a day, they email the relevant info and I (stake clerk) use TES to do the activation.

As HPaulsen indicated, access to TES is limited to those members of the presidency listed in CDOL.
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Post by MorettiDP »

I believe that these improvements are important, but, when we, of "international" units will be blessed with the LUWS access???
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Shall we design the international 2.0 here while we wait?


Post by dobrichelovek »

First of all, Diego, I sympathize with you. Although I live in the U.S. and have access to LUWS, I have many friends in Russia who do not. My personal concern at this point is also providing as much constructive feedback regarding the i18n (internationalization) of LUWS so that it can be done right. Unfortunately, things like this do move slow, but I encourage you to continue to express interest in having such features for your country. Any country-specific requirements (of a legal nature) or cultural insights that should be taken into consideration would be helpful, perhaps in a new thread, so that when the rewrite of LUWS does happen, it will be architected correctly for your country also.
tomw wrote:Well let's talk privacy for a moment. Let's assume that you allow individual phone #'s or pictures. Some well meaning ward clerk could work with the Sunday school organization to take pictures of all individuals and to get their email addresses and phone numbers. Then this information is posted online without the individual or the individual's parent realizing where it is ending up. They may not want their information posted.

Some countries have laws about what can or cannot be posted. Some countries have laws that state individuals have to consent that their information is being posted.

These issues sound easy to resolve (for example, have everyone sign a waver) but what happens if that does not happen or how do we enforce that it does happen? Should we enforce it even in regions where it is not required? How do we guarantee that we are in compliance worldwide?


The country-specific (or culture/language-specific) questions of the legality of specific features shouldn't be too problematic. Basically, each feature should be included in the rewrite but architected in such a way that country permissions would either allow or modify the function of each feature. If there are laws (which we must and do respect) in a given country prohibiting the posting of a picture, then that function would be turned off in that place. If the laws are just restrictive, then the feature would be contingent upon permissions being turned on for those that implicitly consent. In areas where it is not a problem, it could easily be like the personal information option where someone can ask to be removed on an account/family basis, or would have that ability themselves.

It is clear that the current LUWS application was designed with language i18n in mind, but I think that the architecture and centralized server approach is what is holding the current iteration of the application from rolling forward to other locations. The thing that was missing was a global approach, but I am glad that it was built at all, to illustrate the value and possibility of something like this. A little frustrating for those outside looking in. The best I can say (since I don't work for the church athough I am passionate about this particular project) is that these forums are a great opportunity for making a great global/international design for this application so that when the rewrite does happen, it will already be clear what to create and it will speed up the process. I propose a globalization/i18n/l10n thread specifically for the purpose of addressing the architecture and design requirements that need to be considered for the rest of the locations outside the U.S. that don't have this tool yet. For example, considerations where there are many languages in a given unit. How will events and other items be posted to share information with those of another language? In many units this is considered the responsibility of the individual to learn or comprehend the 'local' language sufficiently to read everything in that language. Doesn't seem like the 'most effective' approach to me. These things need to be addressed, and as much as I wish other countries had access to these tools, lets work to get it right while we have to wait anyway.
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Post by Jeremy-p40 »

thedqs wrote:Updating what stats? HT/VT? And are you saying that Stake Presidents now can do the recommends online from anywhere?
Yes. This came out in the instructions for the new temple recommends. The instructions give a site so recommends can be activated and canceled via internet (which really helps when MLS transmissions are slow). Only an authorized person can access the site.
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