Option to choose ALL and then delete exceptions

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Option to choose ALL and then delete exceptions


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Having a hard time with reservations (I am our Building's Scheduler), with scheduling series of events (I am our ward's calendar specialist and an administrator) and (today) with setting up a calendar the ward council asked to have set-up. The issues involve the apparent lack of ability in the program to choose an entire set of dates, or choose the entire building, or (in this case) choose all ward members and then eliminate the exceptions. In other words pick every Tuesday the rest of 2012 and then eliminate a handful of dates where the event won't be held; or, choose the entire building and then CTRL unclick the rooms not being used. Versus going back and deleting one at a time these dates or having to click more rooms one at a time than I would if I were simply unclicking rooms not being used.

But more to today's assignment. We want the missionary dinner appointment calendar through LDS.org and Calendar. This is a way to get the membership using and being aware of all the calendars. While it is one click and very simple to allow ALL ward members to see this calendar, there seems to be no way to allow ALL members to edit it (sign-up their home for a dinner appointment and place in the "event" details the menu) aside from literally going through the ward directory one family at a time and designating editing rights -- which would mean having to go on constantly to add new ward members.
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