Java Stack 3.2 Final Released!!

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Java Stack 3.2 Final Released!!


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The Java Stack team is pleased to announce the release of Stack 3.2 Final!!!! Stack 3.2 has been in development for much longer than expected. However, that time went toward some really great features.

Some of the more notable new features in Stack 3.2 are:
  • Support for Java 7 (Java 6 is still supported and is required if you want to use CA Interscope)
  • Upgrade to Tomcat 7. Tomcat 6 is not supported in Stack 3.2.
  • Upgraded to Spring 3.1 (new features)
  • Upgrade to Hibernate 4.1
  • DB Migrator Upgraded to 4.0 (documentation)
    • Timestamp based migrations
    • Unparsed block
    • Out of order script execution/Better support for Branching
    • Much More!
  • Test Runner feature to improve Functional test management. (documentation)
  • Significant rework of LDS Account (ldap, wam, inmemory) integration. (documentation)
    • Improved usability
    • Better support non Spring WAM use case (Replacing ClientLib)
    • Built in Proxy/Switch User support
  • Support for migrating Stack 2.x applications
  • Support for a distributed caching solution based on ehcache. (documentation)
  • Separated Project deployment steps out of Project build and into a new feature called “ALM Promotion” (documentation)
    • Cleanly separates build and deployment steps
    • Supports post build automation orchestration. For Example, when promoting a build to a new environment automatically execute DB Schema Migration->Application Deployment->Acceptance/Functional test execution in a single deploy step.
    • Put more power in the hands of the development team rather than putting it in ant hill configuration.
  • Added support for Open Web platform builds with a new Open Web Maven Plugin. (documentation)
  • And many more minor features, enhancements, and upgrades.
Upgrade to Stack 3.2 from 3.1.x will probably require some migration work. The changes to upgrade your application from 3.1 to 3.2 can be found in our Upgrade Notes. This will give your project the new runtime features of Stack 3.2 but will not give you the benefits of some of our new build and deployment features. If you wish to get on board with Test Runner and our ALM Promotion functionality contact a member of the Stack team.

We will be covering the new features in detail in our bi-weekly training sessions. To get on our training schedule calendar and email list contact a member of the Java Stack team.


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