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Post by whitingj »

whitingj wrote:We are having the same problem here in Payson Utah. Restoring from a backup seem pretty drastic as this is obviously a problem with the most recent version of mls they just pushed out.

I ended up doing the restore from last week anyway. We hadn't had any financial transactions since last week so I felt comfortable doing the restore. It fixed our problem.
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Post by michaelfish »

Same problem in Gilbert Greenfield Stake.

Restoring data from the last backup seemed to fix the problem.

I was also successful by doing a Windows System Restore on the first PC this happened to.

However, when I restored the MLS data from last night's backup, the problem came back. Restoring from the previous data back up seemed to correct the problem.

I am concerned that data may be missing, so I'm waiting for CHQ to let us know how to proceed (in case this is NOT the correct solution).
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Same Problem - 1 of 11 wards in Provo YSA 4th Stake


Post by JohnSutherland »

We are seeing the same issue here in Provo. Don't really want to do a restore from backup - the ward has entered a big fast offering batch. Guess I'll wait to see what x3500 has to say in the morning.
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MLS Issues


Post by ikylis »

I too am having this same issue. This is a widespread problem related to the most recent MLS Update. I would recommend waiting for instruction from headquarters before rolling back to previos backups due to finance/membership records being lost and losing sync with headquarters.

Our stake has put in a request ticket, so if we hear anything back I will post it here.

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Post by schester »

Same problem here in Murrieta, ca with at least one of our ten units. Have not tried restore, as we just had boundary changes in the last week and have hundreds of changes and a backup may only harm that process.

Awaiting a resolution from SLC.
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Post by Mikerowaved »

I've seen this with one unit in our stake as well, but that's not what I'm posting about.

I'm curious, for those that have successfully restored from a backup, has the problem ever reappeared? I'm talking after several stops and starts of MLS with reboots in there as well. I'm trying to see if this is just a temporary fix or something we can rely on.

To minimize post count, we probably don't need more reports of the backup working, that's been sufficiently posted already, just any reports of MLS breaking again AFTER a restore would be very helpful.
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Post by StevenMichaelCollins »

Same problem so far reported from 2 of 11 wards in the Klein, TX stake (NW Houston). They've done Finance transactions today since their last backups. I've advised clerks to only restore from previous MLS backup if MLS access is critical. Otherwise we're awaiting update from CHQ.
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Post by aebrown »

Apparently some data was sent down as part of the normal CUBS transmission that reconfigured MLS to be in Finance-only mode. So it makes sense that a restore of a backup would fix the problem. But note that CHQ did fix that so that a subsequent transmission should remove the Finance-only flag. I don't know what the exact timing of the problem and the fix were, and there's some chance that some units were missed.

So I'd be wary of being hasty in moving back to an older backup if it will cause significant rework. There will be a path forward without losing work. Units with this problem should try to do a couple of send/receives to see if the problem has been fixed at this point without resorting to restoring a backup.
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Post by russellhltn »

I've sent a email to the MLS team. They're looking at it. From what I understand, the problem was found and removed, so it shouldn't re-appear. I think they're trying to deploy a fix.

I don't know what harm will come from going to a old backup. For now, I'd just defer any membership changes until it's fixed, or try to do it from the web tools.
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Post by giffordrb »

The CUBS team is still looking into the cause, but aebrown and Russelhltn are correct - the problem was a file that came down from cubs that set a unit to be a finance only unit. The fix is to send another file down removing that flag, which was done for those that we were able to identify. If after another send/receive a unit still shows as finance only then it would be good to know - we think we have them all but could have missed some units.
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