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Calendar *List View


Post by Christopherst »

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a disclaimer: Im not really a developer in any way but i am a graphic artist and i have a visual processing disability that limits my ability to process information without enough whitespace around certain blocks of text, which as a graphic artist really helps because im able to use this ability to my advantage when creating logos and designs.

In the Calendar from the Church's 'Tools' menu i noticed that there are only two views: i.e. Week and Month; As a graphic artist and being able to visually read what is on the Calendar is a difficult task. I am also the ward bulletin specialist and i find viewing and getting information to put on the bulletin very frustrating because the information is not completely horizontal and sorted for viewing. I like the views with each building but i think it could be sorted for easier reading and download.

Is it possible in the Week & Month views to have a 'List View' that would arrange by building, date, and event into a vertical timeline? I feel this vertical view or 'Agenda' view is better on the eyes because depending on the range (that could be specified) information could be downloaded as PDF, RTF, Text or other for the ability to plan and sort information.

From a UI standpoint the views now are very frustrating to read information about what is going on. As a Ward Bulletin Specialist i have to gather information to put into the ward bulletin as a Calendar feature (of my choosing) because i want people to know whats on the calendar without having to pull out their digital device to check of things that pertain to our ward and building. It would be nice to have stake information in there also if available.

An example could be:

[_] *building icon

[_] Nisqually April 2, Family Home Evening, 7PM
[_] Nisqually April 5, Women's Volley Ball, 6:30PM
[_] Stake Center April 6, Women's Exercise Stretch, 10:30AM

Say i could choose which days i want to include from Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, but not Wed, Thurs, Fri etc.

I didn't know of a location to where i could help with the Calendar. I noticed that the Church Calendar is a lot like Google Calendar and they have an 'Agenda' view which shows the next couple of days and the events on the calendar. But what im talking about is something totally different but better on the eyes, and given the ability for members to use this data to put into emails, bulletin's, and allowing it to be a more manageable resource.

As of now to get information the Week view is horrible because i have to place my cursor over each event to find out what is going on, and Month has the information but it doesn't always fit in the square box, which is why i think this other view would help out immensely. It would help to be able to have a list view to gather all that information either by copying it or downloading it as an appropriate format that i can use with InDesign such as RTF, or Table Text.

Another reason its hard to read is i have a visual processing disorder and the scruntchy-ness of the text together without proper whitespace makes it hard to read for people with disabilities like myself.

Thanks for taking the time to view this post.

Very Respectfully,

Christopher Stapleton
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Post by kyleq »

Hi Christopher and thank you for the feedback and suggestions. Turns out we have plans for an agenda view in the calendar. I'll make sure your feedback is included in the task. We're always interested in hearing how we can make the calendar more approachable and simple to view/use so don't hesitate to post your feedback and suggestions here on the forum.
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