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Submission Approval - Feedback Email info Needs More!


Post by srweight »

:mad: I just received this in reply to an item approved for a stake resource.

I think it would be really nice if ALL of the information on the submission was also on all of the emails about it.

I now get to try to pin down what this event is.

Please cancel this request as it conflicts with the stake activity. Thank you.[INDENT]----- Original Message ----- [/INDENT]

[INDENT]From: Shirl Weight[/INDENT]


[INDENT]Sent: Monday, January 07, 2008 7:48 AM[/INDENT]

[INDENT]Subject: Event submitted for the 1st, 5th, 21st Wards & Stake Building (East) titled: 21st YW - RS[/INDENT]

[INDENT]The 1st, 5th, 21st Wards & Stake Building (East) resource submission titled '21st YW - RS' was approved.[/INDENT]

[INDENT]Comments: If cleared with other wards! Also there is a Stake activity in the building this night![/INDENT]
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Post by The_Earl »

srweight wrote:[INDENT]----- Original Message -----
From: Shirl Weight
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2008 7:48 AM

Your post contains your email address in the link. You may want to edit your post to remove it. I simply deleted the linked text and replaced it with plain text.
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Post by thedqs »

What additional information would you like? More specifically maybe you can give an example for those at CHQ to see.
- David
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All information about the submission!


Post by srweight »

thedqs wrote:What additional information would you like? More specifically maybe you can give an example for those at CHQ to see.

That is really simple - I would like to see all the information about the submission. It's in the system why not put in on the approval email and then it would be on any emails that are sent to the STS or Website Admin.
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Another Idea


Post by margiestroble »

As I was making some changes to the ward webpage this morning, I had the thought, is there any way that when you are adding items, such as a holiday, "Easter", "Christmas", or any other type of activity, if an option could be there to have it be included in ALL calendar items, such as the calendars you create in the Resources section?

For instance, we have 2 sets of missionaries in our ward and we have them on 2 separate calendars in the resources section. You click on which companionship you want to sign up for dinner.

Anyway, if on the activities calendar area, if you are entering a holiday, a ward dinner, or anything like that, if an option could be included to have that activity or announcement be put on other calendars, that would be very helpful. Then you wouldn't have to go to each individual resource calendar and add it.

Thanks for your consideration,
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Post by segbert »

I'm not sure what this would take, but I would like to see a link between what we update in MLS for callings and leadership positions and what shows up on the web site. Currently, we have to update it in both places. It would be nice to only have to make that change once in MLS and the changes would automatically update the ward web site.
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Post by russellhltn »

In another list, someone asked about showing the Stake Conference on the front page where the time is. That's to avoid having visitors surprised by an empty parking lot.

(Yeah, I know you can free-form type that in the time area, and that the Stake Conference should show up in the "top 3" calendar, but still - it would be nice to have the web page structure such that it guides the admins into placing the "days off" up front. in the meeting time area.)
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Overriding Calendar Events


Post by aebrown »

When ward members view the LUWS calendar, they see the ward calendar merged with the stake calendar and the Church calendar. This works okay, but very often we end up with duplicated events because there is no ability to override events from a higher level.

Let me illustrate with some examples. The Church calendar has a Worldwide Leadership Training Broadcast on February 9. However, there is no time specified (since it is shown at 8 different times during the day, and stakes are in a variety of time zones). For my stake, we have chosen to show that broadcast at 9:00am MST, so I created a stake calendar event to supply that information. But now both events show up on the stake and ward calendars. If the stake could somehow override the Church event, then we wouldn't have this duplication.

The same thing happens (even more often) between wards and the stake. The stake creates an event for Men's Basketball on Saturday morning 8:00am-noon. But Anytown 1st Ward has their game at 10:00am and so they create an event for that time to show up on their ward calendar, but the stake event still shows up. I know that the Anytown 1st Ward web site administrator can send a message to the Anytown Stake web site administrator, who can then uncheck the Anytown 1st Ward from the stake event so that the stake event will not get pushed down to the ward calendar, but that is a hassle. Similar issues occur with any sports events and often with welfare assignments where responsibilities are parceled out to specific wards.

Perhaps this concept was envisioned by other posters with the comments about layering, but I thought it was worth mentioning specifically. If a ward or stake could even just have the option to make an event from the stake or Church hidden, it would allow administrators to avoid this duplication.
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5th week option


Post by Jturnbull »

I know one calendaring item that would help me! An option for 5th week in the repeating pull-down box. There is a last.. but the last is sometimes the 4th and gives you 2 entries on the 4th week.
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Add to the wish list


Post by gamoody »

This may have come up already but I would really like to see a way to link resources with events. As it is there are at least two calendars involved if you want to schedule an activity and the building as a resource. This would have to work between ward activities and stake resources as well as the reverse.

Another issue I've seen is that the address listing for members doesn't consistently use the same locations for data. Specifically, if an apartment number is listed on the second address line, it shows up where the city normally shows and shifts the other data over by one. It would be nice to have it consistently displayed and downloaded.

I second the motion for a 5th week option as stated above.

lastly, I've noticed a bit of a lag in address updates from MLS. I've heard that it should be within a week but it has been longer than that and still no update.

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