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Sunday School Lesson Schedule Setup


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I went on the Ward web site (Elm Creek Ward) under Tools/Lesson Schedules to update theclass lesson schedule for the rest of the year and noticed that for November 18th it is listed that we are having Stake Conference. The Stake (Tulsa OK East) Calendar states that Stake Conference is on September 23rd. I'm unable to edit the schedule for November 18th.

Who controls placing the entries for Stake Conference in the Lesson Schedule application. I have authority to set up the schedule for Sunday School as I'm sure other auxiliary leaders can modify the schedule for their organizations. Except whomever has control of entering the Stake Conference activity over rides all others.

Please let me know who I should contact.

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Events like General, Stake, and Ward Conferences are added/edited by administrators which includes bishoprics, clerks, executive secretaries, and ward website administrators. Anyone in one of those callings should be able to 1-clarify the actual date of your stake conference :) and 2-edit the event in Lesson Schedules if needed.

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