MLS Additional Features : Suggestions from France

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MLS Additional Features : Suggestions from France


Post by eliott.mourier »

Dear Brethren,
Let me first tell you how grateful I feel for the wonderful job that has been done with MLS in the last years. This software has completely simplified the ward leaders' life and has improved our way to administrate our ward in a marvelous way.

Nevertheless, using MLS weekly for the last 5 years I have noticed a few details and missing functions that could probably be easily implemented to enhance the user's experience. Here are a few ideas for developpers :

1/ Tithing Payers List :
In big wards this list is quite a mess. The possibility to edit, delete or modify entries within this list would be welcomed. We also have recurrent problems with new married couples. When we try to change the wife's lastname, the software tells us the member's ID number is already used and we sometime remain with this situation for months.

2/ Custom List Editor :
I find this function maybe the most useful of MLS. Being able to edit our own customized list is wonderful. But the interface is extremely heavy and not convenient at all to use. The criteria system is very complicated to implement. Once again, working to improve this crucial function of the software would prove very useful.

3/ Notes and To-do List
I have always dreamed of a "Notes" section for each MLS users. Going through the reports, every leader always receive promptings and ideas but always lak a place to write it down. For exemple when I want to update a certificate or fill an ordinance form, but I lack some information, having a Bloc Note or even-better, a To-Do List, to write it down, would help us not forgetting it. It, would be very valuable.

4/ Sync with LDSaccount
In the same idea we could imagine the possibility to link MLS user and LDSaccounts so those Notes and Todo Lists and other features could be available through the Internet.

5/ Interviews List and Scheduling
I know this is being implemented on for Bishops. As a Bishopric Conselour I can tell you that we would really appreciate this feature too. Having it also on MLS would be very useful as we mostly do our interviews right after church meeting, after checking the MLS computer.

6/ Callings History
Wouldn't it be useful tobe able to see the Callings History of every member of the ward ? In big wards it is often difficult (especially for a recently called bishopric) to remember who served where and for how long.

7/ Seminary Reports
To be honest, we really need this feature, but in its actual form it isn't clear at all. We should be able to know, with a quick look, exactly where the young men and women are and if they are fulfilling the requirement for the diploma or not.

I know this is probably quite a work. But I really think the implementation of such features would make MLS even a better tool and help in serving in our callings.

Thanks for considering those ideas,


Brother Mourier
2nd Cons. in the Nogent Ward Bisophric,
Paris East Stake
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Re: MLS Additional Features : Suggestions from France


Post by kc7qwh »

A couple more suggestions:
1. Ordinance Record Forms - It would be nice if there were instructions and a warning on this page, such as: Print before the person is interviewed and give to the bishop to finish filling out. After the ordinance is performed, update the membership record by going to Membership > Ordinances. WARNING: entering the information here and printing the certificate will NOT update the persons membership record.
2. It would be nice if you could retrieve this information when updating the membership record.

Thank you for your consideration & thank you for this wonderful software.
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Re: MLS Additional Features : Suggestions from France


Post by aebrown »

Please note that this is a community forum. Suggestions you make here might start a conversation among clerks about their preferences, but they are very unlikely to be seen by any decision makers.

If you'd like to make suggestions about how MLS works, you could do so by sending an MLS message. But be aware that new features are rarely being added to MLS, since the focus seems to be on moving MLS functionality to Recent changes to MLS have been mostly focused on integration with other Church systems, security and other fixes to match Church policy, and language support. I doubt that there will be any significant feature enhancements other than those areas, but you're welcome to ask.
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