Misuse of Birthdate Information in MLS Reports

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I used the term aggressive on purpose and in it's proper context I think. I have not had personal experience seeing the church move very fast, and relative to my historical view, this is pretty aggressive
When stated in that context...I won't argue. The important thing for me is that there *is* forward motion on this...and that is reassuring.

I thought you and other readers might find it interesting that I did have that conversation with the Bishop. I'll only say that there are more matters involved than what I have shared here and that I have purposely not included certain other details because it involves some personal matters of specific members. However, I found the Bishop's remarks to be very interesting.

After listening very patiently to my points, he pondered a moment and said: "You know, when you first began telling me your concerns...I was starting to think 'why is this such a big deal'. But then the thought entered my head that I would *NEVER* even CONSIDER including people's birthdates, with or without the year, on any document or phone list that I gave out at work."

He indicated that he realized that in the Church, we have a culture of sharing birthday information...from the youngest ages. Now, *I* had not considered this either, as I did not grow up in the church. I joined the Church in my early twenties...so I was not brought up with the LDS culture.

Anyway, he told me he would be giving the matter some thought, and we are going to meet on it again in a few weeks after he has had a chance to review exactly what is printed out on which MLS reports, and who has access to them.

Yes, I support and sustain our leaders. I have to say I wasn't thinking that when I asked for the meeting with him...it was simply how I would have resolved any matter...try to take it to the person or persons who could actually do something about it. But yes, I support my ward leaders...as they have always supported me...all of us with our faults and flaws. And I like your observation about sustaining...I had not considered that either.

Just thought this information might be of interest to other readers.
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