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PAF is not dead..Many new info has been written for many years..I have written some of them myself.. As I remember when"""" anyone goes to Familysearch there is a "dropdown Help menu". Clik on " product support" Then there iss a "Ask a Question Section." Type your in your question here.. Answes to NewFamilySearch reports...just out last week may also appeat as well. Reports such as Document Id: 5643p_en How to transfer filters and csom report layouts created in Personal Ancesal File 4 or 5 to a different computer. (This means once a useful PAF Custom Report has been made, such as Rin,Name, Birth/Chr Date, Birth Place, Birth/Chr Date, Birth/Chr Place, Father,Mother, Spouse, Bap Date, Bap Temple, Endownment Date, Endownment Temple, Sealing-to-Parents Date, and Sealing-to-Parens Temple is made,it can be copied &paste to a new computer.
The steps of how to do this is also there..BECAUSE I put them there.

Ask a lot of such questionss and you will find out a lot o deailed "How To" answers that Few People knew existed.. c
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I'm told a family history consultant in my home stake was told at a seminar in SLC that PAF would not run on Windows 8. Any truth to that rumor?

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PAF - it has been improved!


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Having used PAF since the days of DOS, and now PAF for many years, I learned only last month that the software company who engineered the software for the LDS church continued to develop it and offer the enhanced version FREE.

It is called Ancestral Quest and takes you to the website for the FREE download - and it is well worth paying for a registration key to gain access to additional capabilities.

Using an existing PAF file, Ancestral Quest links directly with New FamilySearch and data can be transferred between them. It also provides information about the number of hits on of the individuals in the PAF file.

I have used Family Insight for 5 years and also Roots Magic 5 and can recommend them both.
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AS do ALL other Free 3rd party software vendors that are certified for use with Family Search. Each has a FREE version that reads and opens PAF files and nay other GEDCOM file and they ALL offer advanced capabilities and enhancements, like having more then 34 Temple codes or the ability to sync without purchasing an additional peace of software, or not having to buy PAF Companion to do color charts or fancy charts. Many FREE and PAID choice to go beyond PAF for a personal Database manager.

PAF 5 DOES run just fine on Windows8 Pro version the Windows 8 RT version does NOT run PAF 5.

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