Updating New Bishopric

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Updating New Bishopric


Post by mklobaas »


I am a stake clerk.

One ward has a new bishopric.

How do I update the MLS ward leadership to reflect the new positions. A look at the probable MLS page does not seem to allow any edits.

Many thanks,

Michael Klobas
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Post by aebrown »

In stake MLS, you need to fill out a Ward Leader and Unit Change Request to submit the information about the new bishop. All other callings (counselors in the bishopric, etc.) are entered in ward MLS under Orgainzations > Bishopric.
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Post by johnshaw »

A new Bishop is also manually verified before it goes to https://CDOL.lds.org - after submitting the form through the Stake MLS, check the cdol regularly to know that you were successful.
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