Lesson Schedules

So you have the BIG idea that the Church or community needs to develop. Discuss that idea here. Maybe you just want to make a suggestion on a new forum topic. Let us know.
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Lesson Schedules


Post by fergie34-p40 »

What I would like to see in a new/update to the LUWS is the ability to post all lessons not just gospel doctrine and priesthood/relief society. It seems to me that the LUWS is set up more for the adult members. If we as a church are moving into the 21st century we need to think about the youth and get them involved in the use of LUWS. Today the youth of the church are more tech savvy them most of us at the same age. If we give them the ability they will use it.
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Post by james_francisco »

This is a good idea. To support that feature, curriculum development could create a student study guide like the ones for the Sunday School for the youth courses.

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