11-11-2012 - MLS S/Rs running very, very slowly

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11-11-2012 - MLS S/Rs running very, very slowly


Post by aclawson »

A S/R took over 20 minutes on a high speed (Comcast Business Class) connection, the only item of any size that came down was the monthly finance statement, which took 15 minutes to download just by itself (as watched in the status bar at the bottom of the screen).

The donation transmit processed normally with only a few seconds to complete, subsequent S/Rs are taking about 3 minutes to complete even without anything to update.
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Post by JamesAnderson »

Odd, just ran a speed test through the Church's speed test site (speedtest.lds.org), as it would be coming via the Church's servers via the VPN to you, and I'm getting normal speeds both down and up. I'm on the net at home via CenturyLink and they have held steady, even with the storm of the last two days in Utah.
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Post by aclawson »

It looks like the connection speed is fine, but that there is a processing speed - either the client or the server is choking on the data and not sending/receiving as quickly as it should.
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Slow in Oklahoma too


Post by gpolson »

Our MLS 3.5 has been doing a send and receive for about 45 minutes here this morning and just keeps saying there is somewhere between 8 and ten minutes to go.
stillwater ok stake

We had 3.5 running fully functional back on Tuesday. This is just a general send and receive because it asked us to do it.

Our local internet is running just fine and quickly. MLS send receive is the only problem.


FOLLOWUP - It was still transmitting 2.5 hours after it started. I came back another 2.5 hours later and it had finished sometime in that gap. Then it said we had downloaded some new software and wanted me to shutdown and transmit again which only took a few minutes that time.
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Post by lajackson »

Our computers are trying to tell us they are upgrading to MLS 3.5.1.
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Post by jpjones~ogr »

Something's choking, or there's a software design issue. Our send/receive started about 2.5 hours ago. If the progress indicator is correct we're about 1/2 way through. Our meeting block is about to start, and I'm concerned that MLS won't be functional for processing donations. We may need to cancel the process just to input donations, but what about the checks written and transmission of the donation batch. I'll check back here for a solution. Hope someone finds a fix. At least we've got an excuse if HQ wonders why we didn't get the financial done.
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Post by jdlessley »

How long a send/receive is going to take is best determined by pressing F9 for the list of tasks to be displayed in an MLS window. There is much more information presented than just the progress indicator bar. You can see tasks to be performed and the individual files that are in the queue for transmission sending as well as transmission receiving. A feature of the enhanced send/receive introduced with MLS 3.1 is the ability to terminate a session without causing any problems. Once you have the time you can pick up where the last send/receive left off by doing another send/receive.

This afternoon I noticed four or five patch updates to MLS 3.5 that were sent down in the send/receive window. Even over a 50.6 kbps dial-up connection (stake forgot to pay the broadband bill) this only took around 8 to 10 minutes.
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Post by aebrown »

There's clearly something very slow today on the server side. I'm using the same version of MLS I have for over a week, and previous transmissions were the usual speed, but today it is at least 10 times as slow as usual.

If the problem is at the server side, it wouldn't be surprising that a dial-up connection could be running at it's normal speed -- it's just that those of us on broadband are getting dial-up speeds today.

It's clearly not a MLS software problem, but must be an issue with the infrastructure at CHQ (or somewhere in between).
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Post by rolandc »

Our stake and wards have experienced this today too.
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Post by jpjones~ogr »


Windows CPU and Network monitors indicated brief (fractions of seconds) flashes of activity separated by essentially none. Nothing consistently high. And most (guessing 99.9%) of the 4 hour download included "cdol" in the path. Don't know why we would need cdol files locally.

Good to know about being able to cancel actions and later complete them.
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