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Post by mevans »

LisaAn wrote:We've had requests for changes, including the new Youth Curriculum, that will take time to be coded and tested.

Thanks for the heads up that the new youth curriculum will be supported. It's helpful to know that. It would be helpful to know any other changes that are coming, but you might not yet know what's going to make it in for certain.
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2013 blank template please if nothing else


Post by ibapah »

LisaAn wrote:We are working as quickly as we can to get you the update so that you can do your planning. We've had requests for changes, including the new Youth Curriculum, that will take time to be coded and tested. We're also going to release Lesson in 10 languages that should be more helpful to more members across the world. Thanks for your patience, we know you are waiting.

It is getting pretty late in the year. A blank calendar would help to assign teachers. Just so you don't delete our info when populating it with the lesson numbers etc. It would be helpful if somehow all units could be reminded that this resource is here and should be used. We still have a RS and HP group out of sync with Elders on the lessons. (HP still does not use a computer for MIS home teaching either.)
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Post by bdgarman »

Thank you for your work on this tool. Our ward is also trying to plan lesson schedules for 2013, which it is now time for, but noticed the neither the year nor the new curriculum show up as options for us. If Relief Society and Priesthood could be completed and released first rather than waiting for both everything and the new language support to be completed, that would probably be more helpful to most units in the church.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.
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Update of 2013 Schedule?


Post by kmysail »

Does anyone know when the 2013 lesson schedule will be populated? It is November 25, 2012.
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Post by cbarnum »

Any updates on when the 2013 lesson schedule will be available? I would like to present this to our Ward for using during 2013.
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Post by jdlessley »

None yet..
JD Lessley
Have you tried finding your answer on the Help Center?
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grumpy old geezer


Post by kenstamps »

patience is relative. we need to access the 2013 calendar for the district in the Philippines. A lot of people are asking for this. thank you.
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Post by Gary_Miller »

kenstamps wrote: we need to access the 2013 calendar for the district in the Philippines.
Just curious what about lesson Schedule is stopping access to the 2013 calendar?

kenstamps wrote:A lot of people are asking for this.
And a lot of people are working really hard in order to get it working James 1:3, 4.
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Post by mscollins »

I spent the last hour entering the lessons for High Priests, Elders and Relief Society for 2013. I had to enter the very same lesson schedule 3 separate times since there was no apparent way to copy one to the other groups. (There is an idea for a future release feature.) Then I find out that even though it looks like the lesson schedules were being saved that, in reality, they were not and no 2013 scheduling is yet available.

Why do I have to find this out on the Tech Forum after wasting all that effort? Shouldn't there be a simple banner warning in the Lesson Schedule section to save folks the wasted time and effort I just experienced? If this is happening across the church there is a lot of wasted time and effort occurring.
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Post by deggertsen »

I agree that it would be a really good idea to have a warning message for all those trying to update for 2013.

Our ward is having a combined lesson today to show everyone how to find the lesson schedules online and how to update them for leaders. Thanks for your work on this, our ward is excited for all the new tools.

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