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Photo Relief Society Directory

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:38 pm
by michaelcking47
The RS President would like to print a customized photo directory for the RS. We have a high churn rate of members through the ward and would like to print the directory directly through MLS or We would like to streamline the process and print directly from the ward database rather than download, convert etc. etc. So... these are the questions.
1. Can a custom report include photos posted by members on
2. Could such a report be printed from or would it be limited to MLS?
3. Would the RS president need special privilege to access reports on
4. If the answer to 3. is Yes, who grants the privilege?
5. Can someone other than the member i.e. the RS add photos of sisters in
I am the RS President's husband. Feel free to email ideas.

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:14 pm
by russellhltn
1. AFAIK, Custom reports is strictly a MLS function. MLS does not support photos.
2. You could use the new directory, under ward organization. I think that's your best bet.
3. Currently, I think only the Bishopric or Stake Presidency has rights to the Leader area on
4. It can not be assigned. It's by calling.
5. Yes. See the help file, Directory roles and responsibilities

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:49 pm
by jdlessley
With the recent update to the on-line directory at the directories for organizations can be printed as RussellHltn responded to for item 2. The instructions available at the directory help have not been updated to reflect this capability. In fact there is a note that says "You can only print the entire directory. You cannot print a selective list of households or groups." This is no longer true for organizations. It still applies to households or groups not covered by organizations listed in the directory.

To print an organization, with or without photos, select the organization and then click the Print button. The same options available for customizing the ward directory are available for the organization directory. Currently I ran into an issue with the "Open PDF" button. Nothing happens on my computer when this button is clicked. The "Save PDF" button works fine. I used this to open the PDF preview in Adobe Reader before saving or printing.

Re: Photo Relief Society Directory

Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2016 3:29 pm
by georgeaudrey
If we have more than one RS, is there a way to print separate directories?

Re: Photo Relief Society Directory

Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:31 pm
by sbradshaw
georgeaudrey wrote:If we have more than one RS, is there a way to print separate directories?
Not on the Directory, unfortunately – it doesn't distinguish between multiple quorums or Relief Societies. However, a member list (without photos) can be printed from Leader and Clerk Resources – you can filter the list for a given organization.