Year-end Tax Statements and Letterhead

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Year-end Tax Statements and Letterhead


Post by BrainClay »

The instructions from Salt Lake City are very specific that Year-End Tax Statements are to be printed on Church Letterhead. Our ward has never done this. I asked my clerks three times today to print the forms on our letterhead. They said 'we've never done it that way, and it's okay, and it's too much work'.

Finally, they agreed to do so. I came back after meetings, and they had printed out all the statements on regular paper. I asked what happened, and they said it was too hard to figure out how to put the paper in the printer.

How important an issue is this? I don't want to be a stickler if it's not that big a deal, but on the other hand, I figure there is a good reason we are asked to print on letterhead. Should I reprint them, or let it go? Will the statements hold up to a tax audit if they are not on Church Letterhead?

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Post by crislapi »

If there is no indication on the form what corporation it is from/for, I can see how that would have trouble being accepted by the IRS in the case of an audit. If you want an official position, you will likely need to contact the Tax division at church headquarters. However, it would appear the instructions are clear enough that we already know what the answer will be.

There are two options for letterhead. Selecting "Official Tax Statement - letterhead" is used to print the statement onto the letterhead provided by the DC. Selecting "Official Tax Statement" will print the statement including the letterhead. If they really can't figure out how to add the paper (do they never print checks then?), they can select the 2nd option and still meet the requirements.
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Post by jdlessley »

I go by the dictum that if Church instructions say to do it then do it. In this case I have a hard time believing "it was too hard to figure out how to put the paper in the printer". Really!?

In the U.S., the IRS information indicates that the letter must have the name of the corporation (or in this case the Church name) at the top. Both MLS letters meet this requirement. The Church has even have added the EIN. I would guess that having the tax-valid statement on letterhead paper would give some more authenticity to it.
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Post by russellhltn »

jdlessley wrote:In this case I have a hard time believing "it was too hard to figure out how to put the paper in the printer". Really!?

I was trying to find a good way to say the same thing. The only time I would have had a problem with that is if the main printer still used "tractor feed" paper. But I don't think the church has used those in a decade or more.
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Post by geowizrd »

a positively mystifying discussion -- simply use plain paper and choose the "type of report" option that says "official tax statements (united states)" and it prints the "letterhead" for you on the plain paper -- simple and everyone is happy. (in other words, don't choose the "type of report" labeled "official tax statements (united states -- letterhead)" ).

of course, this applies only to units in the usa with a laser printer.
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