Podcast Ideas

So you have the BIG idea that the Church or community needs to develop. Discuss that idea here. Maybe you just want to make a suggestion on a new forum topic. Let us know.
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Podcast Ideas


Post by cosechador-p40 »

I recently got an iPod and have few ideas for Podcasts the Church could provide.

1. A weekly podcast of the Music and Spoken Word
2. A monthly podcast of the First Presidency message from the Ensign.
3. A weekly or monthly update on Family History Projects (New Family Search, Indexing, etc.)

I'm sure there are other ways that Podcasts could be used to spread Gospel messages through this ever popular format.
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Post by russellhltn »

I'll take #3 in any format. Right now I'm getting my info from Ms Rumor Mill and family.
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Post by jeffvand »

Great ideas! Just a plug for my favorite podcast... make sure you subscribe to the Classic Speeches Podcast... it is AWESOME!
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Podcast choice


Post by dstovall-p40 »

Add CES broadcasts to the list.
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Post by Josiah-p40 »

While not as regular - why not add the Sunday School videos, World Reports, and General Conferences (I did subscribe to a General Conference podcast once, but I only received one file).

I would love 'Spoken Word' and Tech Talks as well.

Frankly, I think I would like (and subscribe to) anything that would come out of the vault...
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Post by russellhltn »

Just as a question, are we talking about just audio podcasts? The newer ones will do video too. Some broadcasts wouldn't work well as audio only. (Like World Report)
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Post by HintonBR »

While not available as a podcast you can go and download individual mp3 files for articles in the Ensign including the First Presidency Message - here is a link to the one from the Feb. Ensign by Pres. Eyring

http://broadcast.lds.org/Handheld/Magaz ... ng_002.mp3
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Post by WelchTC »

Podcasting is an idea that is being reviewed by the curriculum department. I don't have a status on if / when it would happen and they have not made any announcment or direction public.

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Post by JamesAnderson »

Podcasting would be a great way to bring the older General Conference audio, back to at least 1980, online one talk at a time. Too many times we want the whole thing at once, and this way it could not only be disseminated, but the audio (and maybe if possible and available) video archives as well. Set up an archives in the audio and video pages, so people can download them later once they find the site if they find it later.

Maybe some old satellite broadcasts that 'fell off the radar' once presented. I recall a Single Adult fireside in 1984, and never saw even a transcript of that. President Hinckley made some very interesting comments in that one that have since come to pass. Make available any extant transcripts of those also, some of them didn't even get published.

And YES to 'Music and the Spoken Word'. Music podcasts are extremely popular. Great missionary opportunity that should not be passed up.

I've heard they want to put the FHL classes into podcast form, audio and video both on that one in my opinion where practical.

And other news and information that members could use from any Church department.

I'm sure there's more that others could think of.
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Post by Mr. M-p40 »

I use a tool to grab everything off the broadcast page in MP3 format and sync that folder to my iPod. Pretty straight forward.

I definitely think it would be great to get more frequent content, daily if it were available. :-)
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