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Alan_Brown wrote:That's not my experience. I'm curious what your reasoning is for claiming that a refresh is requested. And even if a refresh is requested, I can't imagine why you would have to put member record changes on hold -- they should be processed just fine, even if it were true that a refresh is requested.

I agree with Alan. When a refresh request is sent, it takes a few hours before HQ processes the request and sends the refresh back to the unit. So a "refresh" request during the install of 2.8 (if there is one) would not cause a refresh until you do a Send/Receive a few hours after installation. It should not interfere with the record changes.
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Allen and Opee

I know a refresh has a reasonably short turn-around (batch processed a few times a day). It has been my experience that a record change (ie phone, address) can be lost during that request to deliver exchange. ( Bro Brown moves to another apartment-- you ask for a refresh with the same connection-- your next connection gives you Bro Brown's OLD info via refresh)

Perhaps the refresh requests I've seen were co-incidence --- or initiated by another user on our MLS system -- but I have seen, by way of connection report printout, that refresh request of geo codes, temple, membership, etc-- have gone out when MLS has had an updating install.

I have learned **NOT** to assume that submitted changes "take", when there is a refresh in the works.
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