Church History AR App

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Church History AR App

Postby jerrobertson » Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:40 pm

What about creating a Church History Augmented Reality App? The city of Cleveland did something like this:

This would be useful in Downtown Salt Lake City where there are lots of sites, but could also be particularly useful at historical locations that are less well known and/or don't have a strong touring/missionary presence (e.g. it could also be used for sites which the Church does not own, but which still has historical significance).

I would think there would be two views: The overhead map view, which would highlight any sites that may be close to you, and then of course the AR view, which would display information about the site you are looking (or located) at.

Augmented reality views could show information about the site, and/or historical views generated from old pictures What did the Salt Lake Temple look like halfway through construction? What did the surrounding area look like at that time? What did Nauvoo look like? What did Jerusalem look like?

Some attempts are made at this through small scale models of cities (The model of ancient Jerusalem in the North Visitor Center at Temple Square)--what if you were at such a site (Nauvoo, Kirtland, Jerusalem, etc)? You could look through your phone/tablet to get a view of what the city/landscape may have looked like...

(Perhaps an "offsite" mode to allow you to traverse through the virtual city/landscape...)

Is there something like this already in the works? Perhaps it could be built on an existing AR platform such as wikitude (

Anyway, just read a few articles on AR and got excited...

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