Seeking Help re: self-taught webpage design

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Seeking Help re: self-taught webpage design

Postby dennisn » Sun Jan 29, 2012 2:34 pm

I have an 18-year old daughter who is trying to teach herself how to design / write web pages. She is more of an artistic type person than a geek type, and I suspect that working with actual html, css, javascript, etc. would quickly frustrate her. I know we cannot discuss commercial products here, but wondered if anyone could tell me about free / open source webpage design tools and free online tutorials that she might find helpful. I am a computer programmer myself, but my area of expertise is more in the area of writing the software that runs your GPS navigational box or your smartphone or your ereader or something, so while I know some basic html hand-coding stuff, its not an area i'm particularly strong in.
Thanks for your help. (assuming the administrators don't shut down this thread).

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