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Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 4:54 pm
by jkarras-p40
Mind you the lines used for this should be a dry pair typically. Dry pair meaning no dial tone or other signals. Some of the LRE devices are made to retrofit buildings which have digital phone systems. I have seen hotels use them to add ethernet to rooms and keep the phone.

I looked up the Patton 50Mbps model which has a range of 6,000 ft. I don't know if that is sufficient. But CDW has a pair of them for approx $650 (for the pair). They are preset for local/remote so they can be deployed with no changes.

Model: 2172/EUI-2PK ... DC=1043867

They also seem to have the 12Mbit model for about $250 a piece. Interestingly enough the 12Mbit model can only go 4,500. There are other models which can go upto 32,000 feet.