Trouble with PVC

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Trouble with PVC


Post by rickyjamesmiller »

I can log in ok and tried to connect with another member.

One was showing on my contact list but was grey not green. I rang him and he said that he was logged in and could see that i was green but he could not invite me into his room and I could not invite him in? When i double click on the My Room I open another screen showing myself on camera. When he does it he gets nothing. We closed this off and skyped each other and we could see each other and talk freely. What are we doing wrong? He is a High Councillor and I am on the Stake Presidency?
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Post by howardmay »

It does not sound like you were doing anything wrong.

It looks like there is some kind of a problem with his installation of PVC

I would get him to see if it works in a different browser. Maybe uninstall the software. He may need to check that his firewall/ other video programs are not blocking the software.

Once When I had problems I called the global service center, they walked me through some basic troublshooting. They connected remotely to my PC and got it all working.

Another time when I called they said they could not help me as they can't support every setup. In that case I reset IE to it's default settings and it started to work.

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