Handbook 2

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Handbook 2


Post by mklobaas »


We have formed a Spanish Group in our stake. It has not been formally organized and functions as a subset of one of our wards.

I need to order four copies of Handbook 2.

I do not see it on the online order catalogue. I have performed a search on the forum but nothing came up with respect to Handbook 2 (I did see some on Handbook 1).

How do I order Handbook 2?

Many thanks,

Michael Klobas
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Post by aebrown »

I'm an assistant stake clerk and when I am signed in to store.lds.org I can search for "Handbook 2" or for item 08702000 and I find the Handbook 2 just fine. Since you're a stake clerk, I would think that you would also be able to find it the same way. I could not find it when I was not signed in, so perhaps that is why you couldn't see it in the online store.

Once you find the item, there is a language dropdown where you can choose the Spanish language.
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