Test Results for LDS Lesson Scheduler (Google Chrome)

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Test Results for LDS Lesson Scheduler (Google Chrome)


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Test Results for LDS Lesson Scheduler - Wed Feb 15, 2012. Test Time: 30 minutes. Google Chrome browser on Windows 7.

by: Joel Conte, O'Fallon, IL - Sunday School President

  1. My ward was correctly displayed upon login with LDS Account. My calling is Sunday School President. The courses for Primary, Priesthood, RS, other auxiliaries were disabled. Is this why I was limited to the 3 Sunday School class groups (SS Adult, SS 14-18, SS 12-13)?
  2. Also, there is no class named Course 18, so shouldn't the label "Sunday School 14-18" reflect that or follow a different designation? If the Admin has a Sunday School calling, he is familiar with the Course names. Course 17 can have 18 year-olds in the class but they are typically are assigned to Course 17 because on Jan 1st, their age is 17 and they are high-school age.
  3. Could the user name and calling or usergroup be displayed in the Administration header?
  • I would prefer to be able to open the Course details page by clicking on the title instead of clicking on the tiny Edit icon to the left.
  • Another preference would be to sort the values under each Column header, Excel-style or to drag-drop sort, AJAX style.
Class/Course Name:
  • By default, Class/Course is named after the lesson manual. i.e. "Preparing for Exaltation: Teacher's Manual". This labeling is repeated in the next field for Manual and Lessons where it is applicable. It would be more intuitive to just follow a standardized drop-down list of courses (refer to LDS Curriculum) without naming them by their lesson manuals. I was able to customize the labels for my Courses, i.e. "Preparing for Exaltation: Courses 12-13 (Youth)".
  • Again, I was only able to see "Sunday School" in the drop-down list. Is this a Beta scenario or coincidence that I am SS Pres?
  • My preference for displaying names is Last Name, First Name. I like that partial keyword search applies to any part (first or last) of the member's name. The drop-down list currently shows all members, including minor children. Would it be more appropriate to limit the Instructor to adult-age members who are eligible for these callings?
  • Another preference would be that multiple entries are allowed for Instructor field. How about a Substitute Instructor field? How will the Lesson Scheduler UI appear to my Sunday School Instructors or even Substitutes? (This goes back to my question about my user preferences being tied to my calling in the Sunday School).
  • Another preference would be that I could copy or duplicate a Class/Course entry for the instances where I have several Instructors/Classes using the same manual, i.e. Sunday School Courses 14 to 17 all use the Book of Mormon Manual but I have separated each Course (14, 15, 16, 17) with individually assigned instructors. There are times when not all instructors will be on the same lesson in the week.
  • Also, it would be visually helpful to subgroup the courses, i.e. Book of Mormon: Courses 14-17 can be displayed individually but as children of the parent group "Sunday School 14-18".
Summary: Great idea to release a web-version of the Lesson Scheduler. Thank you for taking my preferences into consideration. I also look forward to the mobile/tablet version in the future. :cool:
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