LDS Emergency Coordinator Zones

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LDS Emergency Coordinator Zones


Post by adamrpippin »

I saw this thread and thought I'd add another wishlist item to the Maps as well. I would like to add a polygon draw for emergency zone boundaries that Ward Emergency Coordinators could draw onto ward maps so that the zones can be mapped on the ward website.

Here is a visual example, using my own ward's new Zone Map that I recently created:
(86.78 KiB) Downloaded 161 times
The ward members would have access to the information, perhaps with a note on their standard information that would tell them who their emergency zone leader is. It would also be nice for the ward member to have the ability to add skills that they have that would be useful in emergency situations. The ability for zone leaders to view where the members live in their zone, perhaps with the ability to zoom the map to their zone for a printout would be a great help as well.

If anyone knows of an existing SDK or framework for writing a plugin that could do this, please let me know and I'll see about doing so.
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Post by jdlessley »

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JD Lessley
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Post by cdw3423lds »

I would add my request for the same feature. I have created software that lets me create boundary points for Emergency Zones (We call them Sections in my stake) Once I have the boundary points entered, my software will use the data from the maps csv file to determine what zone each household is in. The only problem is when members live outside the official ward boundaries (this seems to be happening a lot more lately). Of course you could just adjust your zone boundaries to loop in those people. A bit of a pain since if someone else outside the boundaries transfers in/ moves out as the case may be, it is unlikely you can make your zone boundaries such that you won't have to change them to include such people in your zones.

Chris W
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