Adding a category to a post.

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Adding a category to a post.


Post by joxsmith »

It is not clear what categories are available to add to the post. Once you start typing you get a list of those that contain the character(s) typed. When I created my first post I had no way of knowing what I could put in there. Maybe a drop down list would be good.
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Post by sharpep »

My experience was similar. When you click in the category field it would be better that the list appears, rather than waiting for me to type. Also, because it was the first time, the category I wanted did not exist. To add the category meant I lost the post I had just created when I clicked the admin button to add the category.
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Post by dr_computer »

Any decision on the category suggestions by joxsmith. I find this a continuing nuisance for me the lack of a better menu and an arrow curser for selection.
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