"edit" icon (a pencil) doesn't have a "mouse-over" help word....

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"edit" icon (a pencil) doesn't have a "mouse-over" help word....


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When viewing a created and saved newsletter item, an admin (and probably a publisher) sees the somewhat greyed out "pencil" icon on right, just below the "new article" button. Choosing this icon opens up the ability to edit the newsletter item, or delete it. Because I'm not very intuitive, it took me awhile to discover this is how you edit, and then longer, to discover first you have to learn how to edit BEFORE you can delete.

I like the simple buttons that say what they do, like "new article," or "edit." That way, I don't have to guess that a picture that somewhat resembles a pencil, means "edit." I assume this might be done for language or translation simplification purposes. But, if the pencil is going to stay, it needs a "mouse-over" help word, "edit," to pop-up, just like the icons when you are creating a newsletter; BOLD, LINK, INSERT PICTURE, etc., that pop up when I "mouse-over" the icons.
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