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bishophanna wrote:Is the ability to import only specific events and not all items on a calendar a current feature? If not, can I suggest it for future updates? It is a nice feature of Google calendars that would be helpful. Oftentimes the calendar is just full of items that I don't want to import and it would save time to have a specifc calendar item export quickly to my google calendar.
I think you may be mixing the terms import and export.

If you are talking about exporting from the Calendar for import into Google calendar then the answer is there is no current capability to selectively export events. Only subscribed calendars can be exported.

If you are talking about exporting from an external calendar source for import into Calendar then you have two options. If the calendar from which you are exporting allows you to selectively export events then you should use that feature. If not then you can remove unwanted events during the import process into calendar. During import into you can designate what calendar an event will be imported. You can create a dummy calendar to which the unwanted events are imported. When the import is completed you can delete the dummy calendar and all the unwanted events.

As far as suggesting a feature for a future update I think the selective event export may have already been suggested. But it doesn't hurt to suggest again. These forums are not considered the official source for making suggestions. However some suggestions have been offered in the forum and made their way into the system. The "Do you have feedback on this page?" link found on most web pages is the best source for submissions. Since there is no link on the Calendar page you can use the link found on home page. There are some church employees who frequent these forums and there is a chance your suggestion could be routed. But I would not count on it.
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