FamilySearch Medical Pedigree

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FamilySearch Medical Pedigree


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I have a genetic disorder and I'm trying to find out what it is. I have ancestry data stored in the FamilySearch system. What I'd like to see is pedigree charts of all known genetic diseases.

I believe that by implementing this, the new FamilySearch system will not only serve to help people find their ancestors, it will also inform the user of his or her risk of developing or passing on a genetic disorder and help the family doctor make a diagnosis.
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Re: FamilySearch Medical Pedigree


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While I sympathize with your situation, this is not a good idea for the Church. Any medical information exposed in the system would automatically expose the Church to both the security rule and privacy rule of HIPAA in the United States. Any security breaches would expose the church to a boatload of litigation that would almost certainly result in liability judgements.

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