VLyriC: new software for displaying hymn lyrics on video at stake conference

Using the Church Webcasting System, YouTube, etc. Including cameras and mixers.
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cboling wrote:Precisely.
cboling wrote:You could also wait and add the audio with the VCam device; that should decrease CPU usage slightly (not having to process audio twice), but could further increase the temporal disparity between the audio and video streams. If the webcast software doesn't allow you to adjust the A/V sync, adding the audio sooner (as you suggested) would allow you to use VLC to tweak the audio delay.
We haven't had any issues with audio/video sync yet, but time will tell if we have any in the future. CPU horsepower shouldn't be an issue as we have a 6 core AMD which currently sits at under 20% when running a webcast.
Will VLC allow you to switch sources (ie: choose from multiple cameras) midstream?
Also, will it let you use the same source more than once? We have a PCI capture card which has both S-Video and Composite inputs and it would be nice to be able to use both inputs.

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The method that VLyriC is currently using to switch cameras is to add a new item to VLC's playlist, essentially restarting the stream. When the old & new "cameras" point to the same capture card, just different inputs, VLC may not actually fully init the device, though. In any case, adding the additional VCam layer would hopefully insulate the webcase software from that and e.g. stopping the broadcast just because you switched cameras.

I also noticed that when I switched between inputs on the same card, my text overlays were preserved, but each time I switched between the capture card and another device (I had a USB webcam strapped to the back leg of my central camera's tripod, giving me a view of the congregation) it reset the marquee parameters to default and I had to resend the init strings. I don't know whether or not the behavior of the marquee plugin is reflective of any of the rest of VLC or not. I didn't really notice a difference in the delay between inter-device and intra-device switching.
I did notice, however, that VLC does seem to have a little more (but still tolerable) delay when switching cameras this way than I see if I use a "3rd party" program (Osprey control panel on Windows, and v4l2-ctl on Linux) to switch inputs on the capture card while VLC's playing it. I didn't run any objective tests; this was just my impression.
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Funny this shows up recently, I was just about to email Jacob Stark and ask what the church's solution for text-overlay was. I see what looks to be a great product- still have yet to play around with it. Still, I would like to know if the webcasting software could implement this. It has been about a year since the last software update, maybe something could be in the works? I love that others come up with solutions where there is a need, but for future-proofing against my calling not always being STS I would like to see the simplest solution possible, and therefore would love to have this implemented in webcaster 4.0!
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Later this year, we will be beginning a Meetinghouse Webcast strategy project to determine what our future webcast products will be. Text overlay is a very frequent feature request, so it will definitely be taken into consideration. Today, of course, you can share your PC's screen using Meetinghouse Webcast Software v3.0, and that screen can display a PowerPoint with the hymn text, for example. It's a complete switchover from a camera view, so obviously it's not a true overlay on top of the existing video stream, but it would do the trick.
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Re: VLyriC: new software for displaying hymn lyrics on video


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I've made a new topic regarding the update, but I thought I'd post here, too. I've rewritten VLyriC and have it hosted on Source Forge. You can find it here.
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