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Error when selecting classes to view

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:06 pm
by AileneRHerrick
When on the home page, I see a list of classes with check boxes so I can select which classes I want to view lessons for on my home page.

When I try to check a box next to a class, I get the message "Service error detected. The session may have timed out."

The page then refreshes and displays the home page again (without the selected check box checked).

I tested the situation in a second browser and got the same results.

OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8
Browsers: Safari 5.1.2 and Firefox 10.0.1

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2012 5:20 am
by aebrown
I can confirm this. Firebug reports a "501 Not Implemented" on "PUT options":

PUT to not supported.

This must be related to another "Service error detected" reported here.

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2012 8:28 pm
by AileneRHerrick
The problem appears to be resolved now.