Tech Conference, what I'd like to see

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Tech Conference, what I'd like to see

Postby johnshaw » Thu Mar 22, 2012 10:34 am

What is the application roadmap ( online tools) at a high-level for the remainder of 2012?
When can we expect to see the end of the old website? So maps is no longer pointing to it for authoritative data?
What is the adoption rate of the new technologies?
How many stakes/wards/branches are utilizing the new Directory, Calendar, Leader Tools, maps, etc... can you tell whether members are using IOS or Android to access the data? Why are they being largely used in some areas vs others?
How many stakes are broadcasting webcasts, what is their average number of webcasts per year?
How many stakes/wards are using PVC? What is their average number of meetings per month? Stake/Ward/Branch
Geographically how does this break out?
Can we tell whether we are benefiting the stakes will large geographic areas, meaning they have smaller - outlying areas with (assumed) smaller opportunity for bandwidth needed to support the technology?

I'm hoping someone at the the church is crunching these types of numbers. I wonder if you could use the data to pin-point the FM regions or Temporal Affairs areas that are lagging behind in adopting the new technologies.... you could then do surveys to determine whether it is local priesthood leadership or FM that is in the way of adopting these technologies.

Next thing I'd like to see is the look ahead --> What is being thought about for next year? 5 years?

When will we get a workflow map for calling, sustaining, setting apart, recording in MLS a new calling.... priesthood advancement... This is the last great time-waster for everyone.... once we have this app, I can't think of much more that every ward, every stake uses regularly that is in some kind of inefficient paper/email/scraped together format right now.

Can we get a session for just these things? or prep for them and post to the tech boards?

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