enforcing the 5-year replacement policy

Discussions around the setup, operation, replacement, and disposal of clerk computers, not to include using MLS
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Agreed. However, I belive the following quotes from Policy and Guidelines for Computers Used by Clerks for Church Record Keeping still apply:
The stake physical facilities representative works with the FM group during the fourth year of the computer’s life so that funds from the annual plan can be requested in order to replace the CPU during the fifth year.
The stake technology specialist has the following responsibilities for Church computers: [...]

4. Install and support Church computers, and work with the stake physical facilities representative to order replacement computers.

5. Work with the stake physical facilities representative and the facilities manager to inventory computer hardware.
So unless the STS and PFR do their part, there's no guarantee it will be replaced when it should.
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This data should all be in the FMAT system, and will automatically come up on the R&I for the upcoming year during budget planning time. However, I've confirmed with 2 different Facility Managers --> Both of them typically just clear out that data, BEFORE it gets to the PFR to look at. I would suggest that STS keep their own separate Inventory, and if they are, as is the case in many stakes, outside the R&I and budget for next year planning, they need to understand that April and May are the times that FM and PFR are working together on the budget for the coming year... Final submit is June... So a word to STS out there... PLAN NOW!!! or it doesn't get on the List.
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rbeede wrote:Also in terms of security updates most ward computers don't get regular updates since they have dial-up. Of course the advent of broadband will probably help to change that.
According to a presentation given at the LDS Tech conference, at the end of last year, 78% (or a number really close) of all buildings (World wide) had broadband internet access and the goal was to have it at 100% by the end of this year. If 78% of buildings had broadband internet access, not that many computer would be doing dial up any more.
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