Privacy settings randomly changed?

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Privacy settings randomly changed?


Post by jkarras »

Recently the privacy settings on random users in my ward changed. Some users have their address set to private while others are fine. Some their phone number is set to private.

In asking a few of them they did not change the settings. I realize the visibility is part of the new 2.0 upgrade. Things seemed to be fine until about a week or so ago. I am in the US so default should be open. I didn't notice the issue because I am the executive secretary. Our Elders quorum president noticed it while using the LDS Tools app on his phone this week while out doing visits.

Anyone else have issues like this?
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Post by aebrown »

I haven't seen anything like this happening within my stake.

Note that there are several people with the power to change these settings -- all the stake presidency and bishopric members, and ward/stake clerks (including assistants) and executive secretaries. So you might need to check with them as well. Or it could be a system malfunction, but I would think we would see more reports of such a problem here on LDSTech if it were a widespread system problem. I think it's more likely that some person in your ward or stake leadership is making the changes.
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Post by dwsmith2 »

It may be that making changes online defaults the information to private. For example, we had a number of people in our ward who had household emails but not individual emails. I went into the Leader and Clerk Resources application on and copied the household email and pasted it into the individual email. When I checked the directory, the household emails for these individuals were listed as public but the individual emails were listed as private. This was the case only for the members whose email I had updated (everyone else had both household and individual emails as public). I don't remember selecting any sort of privacy options when working under Leader and Clerk resources, so I'm guessing that the privacy option automatically defaulted to private.

If it is the case that changes made by a unit leader default the setting to private, I at least would prefer the default settings be public.
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Post by kisaac »

jkarras wrote:Recently the privacy settings on random users in my ward changed.
I believe you! Mine changed recently from public to private, without my help, and the clerk or website admin (I'm one of them) didn't do it. So, it has happened in my ward, at least to me. I also found one other, before the v2 upgrade, listed as private, and when I asked them, they said they didn't do it and asked me to change it back to public for them. When you see a profile you don't expect, maybe a call from the clerk to double check wouldn't be "out of line."
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Post by jkarras »

More information.

I went through all the ward member profiles and the only thing with odd with permissions seemed to be the address field only. The changes were very random from people who are tech savy and could have changed their settings to those who probably have never logged into the site. The sample of changed addresses was quite low though.
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