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Another Source for Templates


Post by mnmpeterson »

I posted some Word and Excel documents/templates I came up with at:

The site is also a missionary tool as you'll see if you check out the other pages. :)
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Estimados hermanos, gracias por todo lo que comparten!
Es mi primer post, soy de Uruguay, y mi ingles no es muy bueno. Alguien puede compartirme una Agenda para la reunión semanal de Presidencia de Estaca? Estamos usando Google Docs para ir armando los temas de la agenda entre semana, entre todos, pero me gustaría tener algo similar a lo que han hecho con las reuniones de barrio. Muchas Gracias!


Dear brothers, thank you for all you share!
This is my first post, I'm from Uruguay and my English is not very
good. Someone can share an agenda for the meeting
Weekly Stake Presidency? We are using Google
Docs to go putting together the agenda items during the week,
among all, but I'd like something similar to what
have done with the neighborhood meetings. Thank you very much!
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Post by danpass »

slabuonora wrote:pero me gustaría tener algo similar a lo que han hecho con las reuniones de barrio.


but I'd like something similar to what you have done with the neighborhood meetings.
reuniones de barrio = ward meetings
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Post by JasonELee-p40 »

I've seen some excellent leadership meeting agendas and ideas on this forum and elsewhere that I've compiled at: http://www.LDSagendas.com .
Thanks for sharing.
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Post by jwschouten »

Anyone have a good agenda for BYC?
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Post by wica-p40 »

Here is what I came up with after reading the gospel teaching and leadership section for BYC.
Bishops Youth Committee Meeting Agenda.doc
(22 KiB) Downloaded 6637 times
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Post by schutja-p40 »

Really like your meeting agendas. In light of the changes in General Handbook 2 regarding the elimination of the Welfare Committe Meeting as a separate meeting and being incorporated into the Priesthood Executive Committee Meeting and Ward Council Meeting, would you please consider re-doing the PEC and WC meeting agendas and posting them? Thanks so much in advance.
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Templates for iPhone or iPad


Post by lawrence.sproul »

Does anyone have a good app for meeting agendas that works for iPhone or iPad?

Or perhaps a database or form app that is customizable?

Thank you
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Post by tortdog »

We have started to use agreedo. We keep the general themes, but the agenda items carry over from one week to the next based on work performed or the need. Our meetings have become far more effective in getting things done and making sure that nothing is missed. When a task is assigned the members of the meeting are automatically notified to be prepared to discuss at the next meeting. They can login and comment on it.

Pretty amazing, though the documentation on the follow up feature leaves some to be desired.

It's been so effective that at a recent Ward Council meeting one member in the prayer thanked the Lord for the agendas, and he was serious. Made me kind of laugh . . . how often do you hear that.
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Post by leslie65 »

Quick thank you for the obvious effort to produce agendas which reflect the focus of the handbooks. Don't suppose you have modified them to reflect any changes in the new handbooks? This would be very useful if you are willing to share.
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