Minor bugfix update for Directory

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Minor bugfix update for Directory


Post by jdcr256 »

We've released a very minor update to Directory that makes the following changes:

- Fixes the household Map link which wasn't displaying in some cases when it should have been.
- Fixes the way last names for certain households were being listed out of order.
- A minor change that will make it easier for the mobile LDSTools apps to use photos from the Directory application in the future.

As usual, let me know if you find anything that does not seem to be working correctly.
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Post by johnshaw »

I realize this may not be related to this bugfix, but, there was a recent thread about limited access to minors information outside a local unit. I applaud and support this development, but is it documented anywhere? What specifically was changed, and who has access to that data outside of the local unit. I believe the wording in the privacy statement attached to the My Household area of the Directory could be misleading to the Household. It makes reference to those in your 'local unit' and limiting that access. It would be useful to know that limiting that access doesn't include the Stake Clerk, Stake Presidency, etc.. or maybe it does, anyway......

My question revolves around the use of this data in my Stake. I have lists of kids passed around all over the place, for the last year or so I've been 'putting my foot down' with those lists shared beyond the Stake Auxiliary and Stake Presidency... I'm asking people who feel they need information about minors in other wards to go through their leaders or parents, etc... BUT having a policy would be helpful.... it seems that ICS is following a policy/directive from somewhere... does that apply to MLS data as well? And if so, has it been communicated, or what can I find that policy?
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