Any efforts for Windows 8 applications?

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Re: Any efforts for Windows 8 applications?


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It is almost June, 2014. Any official status on the Windows 8.1 Gospel Library? It would be nice to know when we can expect something - not to sound impatient or ungrateful for those working on this. I sincerely appreciate all the effort.

Is there anyway to encourage the Church to put more resources behind this effort. It is too much to expect one person or even any number of people to do this on the side. Consider future changes to Windows 8.1. In a year we will have Windows 9 or whatever it will be called. We will want to upgrade for sure. Does that mean the app will not work.

I am curious how the apple version for the Gospel Library was developed. Was it done by an outside company, by a development team in the Church, or was it done freebie by a group on the side.
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Re: Any efforts for Windows 8 applications?


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I decided to help on the Gospel Library for Windows 8.1 project and the great efforts of the team have paid off. If you are interested to see what we’ve come up with, go to the Windows store and search for “Gospel Library Beta”. The new (Beta) version of GLW is pretty amazing. There is even a Preview Features option you can turn on to see what the team is working on for the next release after this one. We’d love to hear your feedback.
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Re: Any efforts for Windows 8 applications?


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