Any efforts for Windows 8 applications?

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Any efforts for Windows 8 applications?


Post by luiscabrera »

Windows 8 metro applications will be soon very important as with the release of Windows 8, there will be a variety of slates that will support the new OS. Are there any projects/investigations being done for Win8 metro applications? I would like to participate in such an effort, but could not find any projects that target Win8.

Luis Cabrera
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Post by scottbamford »

I'm also interested in contributing to a Windows 8 metro version of Gospel Library. If we can get any further interest we should start a project. I believe we could get a basic app ready fairly quickly.
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Post by jdlessley »

Have either of you visited the LDSTech Project Wiki? There is information there about helping on projects. The article Introduction to LDSTech Projects gives an overview of projects and how to get involved.
JD Lessley
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Post by bobvbob »

I looked at the project list and the wiki and didn't find any Windows 8 development efforts underway. I think it would be great to have at least one Metro app when the OS launches this year. I spent three days this week at a Microsoft sponsored accelerator lab for Windows 8 metro development and it seems like a really great platform.
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Post by SmootAR »

There have been some discussions about Windows 8. I'm going to get @dstaheli into this discussion.
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Post by dstaheli »

Hello all,

There is quite a bit of discussion going on at Church headquarters about Windows 8. I will reply to this thread as soon as more is known. In the meantime, anyone wishing to familiarize themselves with XAML, WinRT, Windows 8 usability, and Metro design principles will be a great help to any potential community projects. More soon, and thanks for your patience...

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I'd like to help with Windows 8 apps as well


Post by EnghCH »

I'm a Silverlight, WP7, WPF, WinRT engineer and I'd love to help with Windows 8 / WinRT (Metro Style) apps. I did a little QA on the WP7 Gospel Library app but it was all but done in a couple of weeks so I didn't get a chance to really help out. I notice that there are still no Windows 8 projects listed on the projects page. I hope you'll let us know if there is a project we can join.
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Post by simzz »

I would love to help, too. Just got back from a Windows 8 developer camp and it is going to rock.
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Post by lewiswf1 »

It's been a bit over a month since this thread was updated, any news on a metro version of Gospel Library for Windows 8? I'd like to help if I can, I'll search the wiki again for updates but would like to make sure I can help or test Win8 apps. Thanks!
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I'd like to help with a Windows 8 app


Post by fdfiv »

I'm hoping the Church decides soon to open a project for Windows 8 soon. Windows 8 will be officially released on October 26th. I personally think its crazy that they're even debating it. They have a WebOS project and that's for a tiny amount of users. Windows 8 is going to be huge. (No offence meant to WebOS users. It really is a great little OS. Stupid HP killing it off.) In fact, if I remember the statistics on the number of users, Windows 8 has more beta testers than WebOS has users. ;)

I've been using a windows 8 tablet since the developer preview came out and that's the big thing I've been missing is the gospel library app. I'm seriously debating if I should just write my own app and use the 3rd party api's. I'm tired of having to just download the .pdf's of the manuals and such when I'm sitting in sunday school or priesthood.

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