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Search Results

Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 2:37 pm
by Thomas_Lerman
To help facilitate getting the search working better, I would suggest we have a link on the search results to send an e-mail from. This would be beneficial in at least two ways:
  1. The user stays on the results page instead of having to navigate through the feedback link. The user keeps their mental context on the page.
  2. The e-mail link can prefill more of the e-mail to include the search text, results, or even just the link: ... ext=Search . . . that link not only shows the search text (South America), but also gives the results.

A couple of other things that I notice with the results are:
  1. I cannot search using quotes or wildcards. Right now, "South America" (with quotes) gives less results than South America (without quotes). Looking at a few pages, it seems that it does look for the two together. However, the results do not make that obvious.
  2. The most relavent results should be on top. For example, searching for "South America" (without quotes) should have the articles with "South America" first, followed by articles with both "South" and "America".