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LDS Tools for Android "Callings". Not all callings are visible.

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:07 pm
by daraehl
I just downloaded the LDS Tools app for my Android handheld device. While browsing the callings portion of the app, I discovered that all callings listed in each of the three "Other" categories on the church website don't flow into the LDS Tools app. The tools app picks up about 50% of the callings in the FIRST "Other" category, but drops all remaining callings in that category. Plus it doesn't appear to pick up any callings in the remaining two (2) "Other" categories on the church website. Can this be corrected so all callings from all of the "other" categories flow to the tools app? That would really be appreciated! And thanks to everyone who had a part in making the tools app so easily available!

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2012 4:53 am
by jasonhyer
Right now this isn't possible. LDS Tools for Android and iOS (and probably the other mobile apps) use a common web service to populate callings in the app from the data that is put into the ward and stake administrative computers. The administrative computers run an application called MLS that the clerks enter all callings in a ward. MLS has a set of standard callings that are made available via the web service. There are also custom callings that can be created by a clerk. These custom callings do not get passed by the web service so we can't list them in the app.

If a change gets made to the web service that gives us the custom callings, we will be able to show all callings but until then, we can only show the standard MLS callings.