I don't think the calendar footer instructions on notification emails are accurate

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I don't think the calendar footer instructions on notification emails are accurate


Post by nathangg »

I've configured to send calendar event notifications a few days before some of the events occurring in our ward.

When the notification is emailed out, it has this footer:

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Optional Notification

You received this e-mail because you signed up for update notifications from your ward or stake calendar. To change your e-mail address, log in to the directory (http://lds.org/directory), click My Household, and then click Edit Profile. Update the e-mail address next to your name. (Youth may need their parents or ward clerks to log into the directory to edit their profiles.) To unsubscribe from calendar notifications, log in to the calendar (http://lds.org/church-calendar) and go to Settings > Subscriptions. Update your notification options for each calendar.
However, there is a member of my ward who DID change his email address in lds.org/directory and the emails were still sent to his old email address, even after waiting 3 weeks.

Upon investigating https://www.lds.org/header his policy-ldsemailaddress was set to his old email address and I asked him to go to ldsaccount.lds.org and look there. It turns out his old email address was still set in there and he updated it there, too.

Now the notification emails are going to the right address (YAY!)

Anyhow, I bring this up because I don't know all of the inner-workings and dependencies that LDS Account, the Directory, and the Church-Calendar have on each other when it comes to email addresses. If you'd like I can create a bunch of different email addresses and set every "app" to use a different one and see what happens when I change things around.

Has anyone else noticed this though? You change your email address in the directory and you still get calendar notifications at your old email address? Should the footer text be changed to tell people to change their email on the ldsaccount page instead?
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Post by sjbowden »

Thanks for figuring this out. I changed my email recently and for a while I was getting calendar updates at my new email address. Then I started getting the email at my old address. I checked ldsaccount.lds.org and it still had my old email address, even though I had updated it at lds.org/directory.

I think that it is obvious to change email addresses at lds.org/directory, but I would have never thought to look at ldsaccountlds.org without the above post.
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