Emergency Response Group information

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Emergency Response Group information


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Emergency Response Information should be available to each member.

Our ward in El Cajon, California is organized into emergency response groups with a leader for each group. We have made the information available in printed lists to the ward members a couple of times a year. With this system, the information is quickly out of date.

The online directory is a perfect vehicle to display up to date information regarding each member's emergency response group.

Our ward presently uses a custom field to organize the emergency response groups. However such custom fields are not a part of the data which appears on the ward directory on line.

Adding a standard, customizeable field, for an emergency response group, with a position of leader available, to the member data area in MLS would be a solution if that field would then be visible on the online directory.
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Emergency Response Plan Zone Leader or District Leaders on MLS


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You can now include Zone Leader and/or district leaders info on lds.org
via lds.maps - If I remember right just click on edit on the individual household.

Yes, I also agree that this should be part of MLS -ward directory

We use the ward geo code area on MLS to set up zones & districts print the info & also email the
info to ward members. Well the Ward Emergency Response Specialist does.
This should be done every quarter. This info. has to be updated all the time with all the move in & move outs. So any new addition to MLS on this subject would be greatly
appreciated developers. Thanks
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