Java Stack 3.2.3 Released

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Java Stack 3.2.3 Released


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The Java Stack team is moderately pleased to announce the release of Stack 3.2.3. What prompted this release so soon after 3.2.2 is the discovery of some critical security issues in the Stack and Stack dependent libraries. If any of the situations below apply to your project and your project is using any prior release of Stack 3.2 this upgrade is required.
  • Using Spring Security WAM authentication integration
  • Project recently upgraded from Stack 2.x and using LDAP login
Again, if any of the above situations apply to your project this upgrade is required for security reasons. If your project is near a release a more targeted less risky upgrade can be provided for your project. If you have further questions contact a member of the Stack team.
Besides the security fixes we also have a slew of other fixes and new features in this release. Some of the more noteworthy are:
  • Completely revamped stack concurrency module. Documentation is available. Expect these enhancements as the subject of training in a month.
    • Support for setting thread priority so background work like Streams AQ processing won’t interfere with higher priority web threads
    • A new process interception framework adding features like transferring of security contexts and process scoped EntityManagers to async processes
    • New suite of Spring NamespaceHandlers with reasonable defaults for different async use cases
  • Upgrades:
    • Selenium to 2.22
    • Hibernate 4.1.4
  • Numerous Stack Starter issues fixed as well as the addition of a non-webstart way to launch Stack Starter
Complete release notes can be found in jira.

All in all despite only a week of development I think 3.2.3 is a decent release. There are no upgrade notes for this release so to upgrade simply change your version of Stack Master to “3.2.3”.

As always if you have any other questions feel free to contact a member of the Stack team.


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