Clerk or Executive Secretary - Who Ranks higher?

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genman wrote: I wonder, though, if even the existence of the ward executive secretary calling should be revisited. With modern technology, appointment scheduling and meeting agenda preparation and even record keeping are becoming so easy that the Ward Clerk really could handle it all now, if he had the right skill set and if he was fully engaged as he should be. The ward executive secretary is kind of a 5th wheel anyway, literally.

I've been a stake clerk for 11 years (this time around). I'd never say that the executive secretary was a 5th wheel, or that the Stake Clerk could handle everything, regardless of anything. I spend considerable time every day performing the duties of my calling. I certainly appreciate the fact that we have a good Executive Secretary. During the era when I was first called to be a stake clerk, the Stake Executive Secretary position was created. At first, not many people understood its purpose. I think it's pretty clear now. I think it was divine inspiration to create the position. I also think it's pointless to consider who is "higher" in position than the other. I would never consider myself to be "higher" than the executive secretary and I wouldn't consider him to be "higher" than I am.

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I agree that there really is no pecking order, I have served as both Exec Sec and Clerks many times at the ward level and the stake level. The callings are different. The Secretary works more closesly with the presidency in matters of scheduling and agenda issues and this makes him more visible to the members as he should be, being their main contact with the presidency or bishopric. However, an Exec Sec. can be called and set apart by a member of the High council, Whereas the Ward Clerk (assistant clerks excepted) must be called an set apart by a member of the stake presidency. This may have something to do with his responsibility to oversee finances with the bishop or Stake President, and his specific duties regarding disciplinary councils.
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Re: Clerk or Executive Secretary - Who Ranks higher?


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I have been a ward Exec Sec for just a little over 2 years now and can say that neither one of us outranks each other. We are very close but only when the other is absent (and on a very limited basis) do we do each others job. We always have constant complete communication to ensure callings and assignments to get recorded correctly.

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